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Wrexham Industrial Estate is one of the largest industrial areas in Europe, providing employment for over 7000 people. The variety of the business on Wrexham Industrial Estate is incredibly diverse and it can be difficult to pinpoint the expertise of, and make contact with, each individual company.

We want to empower business owners through a professional business network based on the Estate. This will give everyone who is based here access to extensive business opportunities, contacts, and help to raise the overall profile of Wrexham Industrial Estate as a hub of commercial activity.

This simple, human approach to networking is not only fun, but through innovative and creative strategies, can have dramatic effects on every business involved.

WIE is a busy place. To keep up to date with everything that's going on be sure to regularly check the News & Events page. There you'll find blogs, articles, and event notifications. This page is your gateway to accessing and engaging with a wide variety of local businesses. Be sure to attend a workshop and make some contacts!

You can find out more about the project, or start browsing the directory below.

News & Events

  • 10/10 Prison Permission

    Due to a lack of detail from the development company, a final decision regarding...
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  • 19/09 Business 'relief' as

    Business lobbying groups said that firms were "relieved" over the outcome of the...
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